Posted: 2016-05-04

The Editorial Committee of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission Journal, a publication of the National Human Rights Commission, invites scholarly full length articles, commentaries and notes on contemporary issues of human rights for the 6th edition of the Nigerian National Human Rights Commission Journal.
Papers received on or before the 29th of July, 2016 will be considered for publication.

Authors should comply with the following guidelines:

Papers must be well researched and original, i.e. not to have been published elsewhere before, and as much as possible, deal with contemporary human rights and legal issues bordering on politics, economy, society, governance (global, regional, corporate), etc.

Contributors are to provide a short abstract of the paper of not more than 300 words.

Author(s) should state title of paper, brief personal details, e-mail (if any) and postal address, on a separate page.

CITATIONS should follow the following formats:

a. BOOKS: Authors Surname and initials, Title of the book in italics, the edition, (place of publication: publisher, year of publication), page number.

b. JOURNALS: Authors surname and initials, Title of the article in inverted comas, Volume Number, (year), Title of the Journal in italics and page number.

c. CASES: Names of case (in full and in italics), the year reported (in bracket), Volume of the law Report, page number.

d. STATUTES: Full name of the statute; and year of enactment.

e. WEB PAGES: Web address, date material was assessed and time visited.

OTHER FORMAT: full length articles should be typed on A4 paper size; Processed in MS Word; 1.5 line spacing; 20 to 25 pages only -(strict compliance) with corresponding (automatic) footnotes; Font: Times New Roman, Size: body text 12, footnotes 10.

Shorter notes e.g. book, case or statute review should not exceed 10 pages

REFERAL: Articles will be Peer Reviewed for accuracy and relevance. However authors are advised to thoroughly proof read manuscripts before submission.

SUBMISSION: Electronic copies should be sent by emails as indicated below.

Telephone numbers should be indicated.

The Editor-in-Chief,

Nigerian National Human Rights Commission Journal

National Human Rights Commission



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Call for application for seven vacancies of special procedure mandate holders to be appointed at the 37th session of Human Rights Council

The Secretariat of the Human Rights Council presents its compliments to all Permanent Missions to the United Nations Office at Geneva, international organizations or their offices, national institutions, non-governmental organizations and other human rights bodies, and has the honour to inform them that the following seven mandate holders are to be appointed at the thirty-seventh session of the Council (26 February to 23 March 2018):


The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has acknowledged the commitment of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) towards the furtherance of humanitarian work globally.

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