The National Human Rights Commission Act 1995 as amended, empowers the Commission to amongst others "undertake studies on all matters pertaining to human rights and assist the Federal, State and LocalGovernments where it considers it appropriate to do so in the formulation of appropriate policies on the guarantee of human rights."
In compliance with this, the Commission ear-marked the important issue of Human Rights and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria, as one of the key human rights related studies to be undertaken in its 2015 work-plan. This report highlights the findings of the pilot survey carried out in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, on women's access to Health Care Facilities in the Six Area councils. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care facilities in these 6 Area Councils were selected and visited by staff of the Commission. Questionnaires were administered to staff and women undergoing antenatal and post-natal care in the health care facilities, and the outcome are shown in this report

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